Process story

Recently, I’ve been spending much of my time on the process of becoming a fully fledged PhD student. I’m learning a lot about how to conduct research at this level, and the skills I’ll need and how to acquire them. I’m also doing a great deal of thinking about the shape of my project and what’s included in its scope. This last semester I’ve been lucky enough to teach some undergraduate archaeology seminars, which has been both hugely enjoyable and a very steep learning curve. I’ve particularly relished the opportunity to draw on some of my own research in class discussions, and hope to do more of this in the future.

As well as this valuable and necessary groundwork, I’m planning to spend some more time on the objects themselves and their histories over the next semester. I’m excited to be involved with a public talk by the University of Leeds’ Museum of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine in January, featuring this horse and rider figurine, and I’m planning a lunchtime talk on the University’s ancient Cypriot collection at the Leeds City Museum, probably in February. More on this soon!